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What our customers have to say!

Caramel Reserve
To say that these are quality people producing a high quality all natural, organic product would be an understatement...

I have tried 3 strains from Grassroots Bake Shoppe and liked every one of them. Each of which effected me exactly how the description reads in the "products we sell " section of the website and none of them leave you groggy or headachy when you wake up from a nights sleep. 

I have however fallen bias to the Caramel Reserve strain as I suffer from chronic leg joint pain (from injuries) and headaches that have plagued me all my life. Caramel Reserve has been very successful in alleviating these symptoms while at the same time, keeping me 100% functional and productive. Thank you for all you guys do!!  Sincerely, James M

Sage n Sour
I am a person who deals with chronic pain and sleep deprivation. After smoking SAGE SOUR, I experienced great relief from the pain and it helped me gain sleep. I am so glad to find a strain that actually helps me and is smooth to smoke. S.Hawkins 

Grassroots Bake Shoppe
When you go to a retail shop, there are many extenuating circumstances you are unaware of when deciding what company’s product you will buy. I’ve worked in manufacturing all my life. A year ago I was asked to do some consulting for a 502 labor service company. It has given me an opportunity to visit many grows, processors, and producers at a variety of tiers. Most of these companies are big business, they are comprised of many investors, cultivators, and facility managers. This typical composition of the business makes it difficult to identify the company’s goals and objectives, but one target is always clear… How can we improve our process to reduce cost? Where can we save time? How can we accommodate more strains? This industry is big business for some especially for the tier 2 and 3 production facilities I toured. 

Grassroots Bake Shoppe was uniquely designed, family run and operated. They are the only facility I’ve toured that uses soil and doesn’t rotate strains. Their main objective was clear within the first five minutes of our meeting. Quality is their top priority. This was evident through the passion these owners have for plants. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, they referred to the plants as - The People. “The People are growing so big, and The People look so happy.” 

As consumers, we are unable to have the opportunity to have a personal experience to evaluate companies objectives and align them with our personal expectations. This is why I decided to write a review for Grassroots and remain a loyal customer since my meeting with them. . JJR Consulting