Grassroots Bake Shoppe
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Premium, hand grown and trimmed, 100% Natural Cannabis

We are a Washington State licensed grower and producer of Marijuana and Cannabis products. Everything we produce is grown in 100% organic conditions and maintains the highest quality standards.

Our Story

We are lifelong residents of King County. We went to school here, grew up here and raised our family here. We are proud members of our community and have spent our careers growing, baking and serving others.

When medical marijuana was approved in Washington State we began identifying and growing the best medical strains of marijuana. When Washington State legalized marijuana for recreational use, we became a Tier One licensed grower, processer and producer of marijuana and cannabis products.

As licensed recreational grower starting in 2015, we have been able to bring our years of experience and expertise growing medical marijuana to the newly created recreational user market here in Washington. Every strain and every product that we grow and deliver is produced with the exact same high standards and quality we have established and maintained for our medical grade products.

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